Discipline Calls

I don’t want to do, but I have to.

Even if I was doing something

more interesting

more novel

just straight sexier

It wouldn’t matter. Work is work, whether you’re a rock star or a bookkeeper.

Acknowledge –even if it’s only to The Self– that this is hard.

The Monkey rebels, disrupts and rocks the boat for a reason.

The work is shit, but it’s still work.

Get to work.


Assume the Solution is Correct

When there’s a problem, I tend to ask why.

Why did that relationship end so badly? Why did my client fire me? Why can’t I be more productive?

Why is seeking an explanation. Why is me wanting to understand what went wrong, what I did wrong, and how I can do better.

Why is also the wrong question.

You see, I’m bad at explanations, bad at answering the why. Well, to be more accurate, I’m bad at translating explanations into solutions.

Instead of dwelling on the explanations of problems, my time and effort are better utilized with implementing a solution.

But what solution? If I don’t understand what went wrong, how can I tackle the problem?

Try. Just assume whatever solution you have at the moment is the best one there is.

I’ve found trying something quickly to solve a problem is usually better than taking time to fully grasping the situation and slowly rolling out a solution.

Because there rarely is one complete solution for a problem. Problems tend to be complex, way more complex than we imagine. For instance, waking up early isn’t simply a matter of setting my alarm at a certain time. I practically have to uproot my worldview 180 degrees and set it firmly in an opposite heading in order wake up at 6am every morning.

It’s better to try many solutions with variety than it is to try one thing over and over. The mind keeps changing. Either embrace that or risk suffering.



Weekly Routine for Spring 2017

  • Sunday Funday
    • No office, no gym!
    • Morning: Go to a cafe (hopefully not too crowded yet).
      • Take your organizer and go over your finances and your goals.
      • Reflect and measure how you “performed” last week.
      • Consider the tasks-at-hand this week.
    • PM: Go for a long run at Prospect Park
    • Later PM: Groceries and Sunday Meal Prep!
    • Rest easy.
  • Monday
    • Client onsite.
    • Evening at the Gym: Weights.
  • Tuesday
    • At the office preparing for meetings with clients on Thursday.
    • Evening: Central Park Running Group.
  • Wednesday
    • Client onsite.
    • Evening at the Gym: Weights.
  • Thursday
    • At the office or meetings with clients.
    • Thursday-Friday-Saturday: Socialize at least one night.
      • Maybe 2 out of 3 once a month.
    • Evening: Cardio at Gym
  • Friday
    • Client onsite.
    • Evening at the Gym: Weights
    • Or socialize.
  • Saturday
    • At the office!
    • Late afternoon at the gym: Cardio / Basketball.
    • Or socialize.




Working Rules for Monkey Management

  1. It’s not as bad as you think it is.
  2. Don’t try to get everything done today. Just the most important stuff.
    2a. Not everything is “most important.”
  3. Go to bed and wake up at the same times.
    3a. Try 11:30pm-7am.
    3b. Stick to this even on weekends.
    3c. At least wake up 7am even if you can’t be in bed by 12am.
  4. Never hesitate to communicate (to clients).
    4a. Heads up on delays!
    4b. Ask for forgiveness.
  5. Be your own coach. Manage the monkey!
  6. Think about the successful men you want to imitate.
  7. Sleep, nutrition+water, exercise, socialize, meditate: Strive for Five!
  8. Don’t forget to socialize at workplace every now and then.
  9. What is the big picture? What is your main goal?
    9a. What is your “arrival”?
  10.  It only gets harder if you don’t try.
    10a. This moment is the hardest it gets, as long as you keep trying.
  11. Describe how lucky you are: “I get to do _____ AND I get paid for it?!”
  12. You can conquer anything as long as you conquer yourself.