Working Rules for Monkey Management

  1. It’s not as bad as you think it is.
  2. Don’t try to get everything done today. Just the most important stuff.

    2a. Not everything is “most important.”

  3. Go to bed and wake up at the same times.

    3a. Try 11:30pm-7am.

    3b. Stick to this even on weekends.

    3c. At least wake up 7am even if you can’t be in bed by 12am.

  4. Never hesitate to communicate (to clients).

    4a. Heads up on delays!

    4b. Ask for forgiveness.

  5. Be your own coach. Manage the monkey!
  6. Think about the successful men you want to imitate.
  7. Sleep, nutrition+water, exercise, socialize, meditate: Strive for Five!
  8. Don’t forget to socialize at workplace every now and then.
  9. What is the big picture? What is your main goal?

    9a. What is your “arrival”?

  10. ┬áIt only gets harder if you don’t try.

    10a. This moment is the hardest it gets, as long as you keep trying.

  11. Describe how lucky you are: “I get to do _____ AND I get paid for it?!”
  12. You can conquer anything as long as you conquer yourself.