Corporate Blue

I work in midtown. I see a lot of guys in blue button-down shirts.

It’s that baby blue. Corporate blue.

I don’t know why, but that’s beginning to bug me.

Back in the day, in my early twenties when I started at corporate jobs, I thought: Oh, I should wear something like that, too.

Then as I got older: Oh, this color isn’t not for me. 

Then I became a freelancer: Dude, I’ll just go casual. 

Now I’m like: I think I’m getting sick of the office and everything business.

I may need to switch things up.



Emotional Solution

I’m big on self improvement.

(To what extent I have improved myself in thirty seven years I’ve been alive is another topic.)

I realized the other day my usual approach to my personal issues are “hard”: Logic, Reason, Discipline, Commitment, Results-oriented, Follow the Plan, Quantity over Quality, Binary.

However, I forget I am a Feeler, not just a Thinker. Maybe I should incorporate emotions into my personal problem solving.

For instance if I feel unmotivated to go to the office on a Sunday like today, I usually scold myself, “You’re behind on these projects. Stop your whining and shut your face hole, stop being a lazy butt-scratching panda, get to work.”

Or I could be like, “Imagine how you will feel when you get these things done. Imagine how great you will feel, leaving the office and going home, knowing that this week will be at the very minimum pretty fucking solid because you knocked these few items off your to-do list during the weekend.”

Imagining future positive feelings before a difficult or a dreadful task seems like a helpful motivator. It almost bends your reality, or rather, your perception of it.

Perception is reality, but also intention is perception. Your will makes your world.


Podcast #1 – Jay Kaslo

Jay Kaslo is a designer, animator, and artist. Jay is also my good friend, as you will hear in this 3.5 hour long podcast.

Among the many things we discuss, we share about our experiences with leaving the Christian faith (we’re not only both raised in the church but also Preacher’s Kids), changing our legal names, and dating/relationships.

You can find Jay Kaslo on Twitter, Instagram, and his site.

Hope you enjoy!